Wednesday, November 11, 2009


this friday is a day to write love on your arms.. ive talked of this movement before. and as i have said i am a firm supporter of TWLOHA. for many reasons one being i am a cutter.. i have cut since i was 15 and though i have fought the urge there are days when you feel weak and vulnerable. and the days events just weigh you down. I know that most people who dont cut dont understand what the purpose is. its not something easily explained and even if i tried my best to you still wouldn't comprehend. and thats ok with me. we are easily broken as people. we look for ways to release pain and anger. to let go of emotions. letting go is easier said than done. so we turn to things such as cutting and some people literally burn themselves.
I know that this is a strong addiction. one not easily broken. but keep fighting, keep pushing through there are people who care. even in your darkest hour there are thousands of people who are fighting and supporting you. if you make a mistake and feel that you failed yet again... just remember that you wont learn without that failure and strive to keep going.. i have faith in YOU i believe you can fight this. you are beautiful, you are strong, WE WILL BE HOPEFUL..
much love Anastasia