Tuesday, November 24, 2009

new moon, blindside

the past couple of nights i have gone to the movie theater... last night i watched the long awaited "NEW MOON". it was glorious.. everything i could have expected... i read all the books awhile ago.. then i heard they were going to make it into movies.. i was so excited to watch them.. but after being highly disappointed with the TWILIGHT movie.. i didnt know what to expect with this one.. but to my surprise it followed the book wonderfully... though i would still recommend reading the book to anyone whos interested.. over all i loved it...
the other movie that i watched tonight with the mother was called " BLINDSIDE" it to was amazing.. i would highly recommend it as well.. though if your an avid cryer like my mother bring your tissues and sobb quietly so the rest of us heartless people can enjoy the movie.. :)