Monday, November 30, 2009

not again.

so its been ..what.. 5 years..
here you are trying to wiggle yourself back in.
errrr back off.. ok so you apologize..
the funny thing is you have no idea what you did..
you thought it was for something stupid..
really did you honestly think i'd get that mad over a wine cooler?!?
please i've drank more than that.. who am i to say you were wrong.
we were young.. well at least younger than we are now.
no what made me mad was YOU ...while you were suppose to be with me
you chose to walk away. you told me "stay here i'll be back..."
HA! you left to go talk to some girls.. who does that.?
you see it wouldnt have been a big deal.. no not at all if you were to introduce..
you know be the genleman you never knew how to be.
you came back what 15 minutes later while i sat at the table like an idiot!
all you said was "you want to dance" are you kidding me? does it look like i want to?
i said no and looked away.. you said "fine" and walked away.
ok no sweat i knew you'd be back.
so i sat there.. i was asked to dance by a friend.. no i said cuz i didnt think it was ok
but then i sat for a half hour by myself.. and along comes my friend.
"you sure you dont want to dance" he asks..
i sit and think a minute.. eh what the heck im not gonna sit here till 2 in the morning,
so we danced.. you came back saw and didnt even have the guts to break up with me
face to face.. you told someone else to tell me.
eh whatever.. take whatever as you seen my life went on beautifully..
you had kids with other people.. yea thats right people not person..
thank God for taking me out of that one..
so now you say im sorry. sure ill talk to you
but you can stop trying.. its never gonna happen.. not again.