Monday, December 21, 2009

false juliet

it seems to me you created your own romeo and juliet.
falling in love.. an endless romance for sure
batteling the world and all of its blows.
fighting to stay together.
secretly meeting her in the darkest, most romantic scenes.
caressing her head while she lays on your chest.
listening as she breathes softly in her deepest slumber
knowing her forever would be yours.
this forbidden romance, the ones every soul dreams of.
its yours for the keeping..
diligently you battle to keep her as yours.
she tells you to run
"dont worry my love , for when you return my eternity is yours"
you do as she says, knowing its gonna be a struggle
knowing you wont be able to touch her or see her for some time.
as your pacing in this far away hiding place you get word
she has moved on.
you heart beats faster and you make the decision
your life is worth nothing without her.
in your search you find what you refuse to accept.
there she is with another man.
you beg and you plead.
after all you know her love couldnt have possibly died.
she slowly injects poison... the worst kind
"I dont know what i was thinking I love you"
"I miss you."
" I'm sorry my heart is yours."
you engulf yourself in the hope that she'll return
her words strangle you. and still she remains with him.
darkness rises from the very bottom and works its way to your heart.
Finally you see that you'll be here all alone.
her poison still in your blood.
you vow to never give yourself. no not ever again.
your just a poor wretched man hiding in his own pain.
hiding from all the potential of what could be.
all because this false Juliet decided to eat you alive with her poison.