Thursday, December 24, 2009

just tonight

so im sitting here and its 12:47 and everyone in my house is still awake except my dad.. my aunt Misty (my mothers younger sister) and her family are here from Omaha.. this is the first family we've had any of our family here other than my grandma in a very long time.. its nice but it kind of makes me sad. o well.. anyways the night has been filled with food... presents... my wonderful little cousins Aurelia and Maria... and crazy stories.. my aunt is filled with them.. though im happy to say im still her favorite... bahaha but dont tell anyone.
well according to my grandma we are mostly swedish and french.. bahaha i didnt even know i was french.. i know i have italian and native american and a bazzilion other things.... obviously im mexican. ooo these days.. i hate the cold and the ssnow..brrr..