Monday, February 8, 2010

excert from the book: one hundred strokes of a brush before bed

not that i completely agree with this.. but i think it was beautiful. the fact that a man could fall in love with a girl, a woman who had no self esteem and tried to find love with men who only used her. that was the only "love" she had ever known. every man she had "been"with used her for sex and nothing more. when someone who was worth her while came she coward in fear. afraid that he could really love her. beautiful ending...

I took a deep breath and stammered out, "I was asking myself when you'd want to make love."

He was silent and I was mortified. I felt my cheeks burn.

"No Melissa, love, I'm not the one who should decide if and when we do it. It'll be you and me, together." He smiled.

I gazed at him, astonished, and he realized my stunned look begged him to continue.

"Because you see, when two people join it is the height of spirituality, and this can be achieved only if they love each other. It's like a whirlpool enveloping their bodies, and they are no longer themselves. One is inside the other in the deepest, most intimate, and most beautiful way."