Tuesday, February 2, 2010

just keep truckin

they say theres beauty in the let down.. i completely know what the let down is.. but i cant ever seem to find the beauty. chasing false hopes and dreams. running around in circles. never knowing where to start or end. misguided tour guides tell you which way to go and why. they are there for the money. generally their advice isnt at all for your benefit. make your own path. dont trud behind some long lost washed up wannabe hero. run when everyone else is walking. lauch when noone else seems to be smiling. the warmth of your smile is infectious... (even if you say you dont know how to smile :] ) dont let others define who you are. your the one who should smooth out your own rough edges. if you fall (which we all know is easy), jump back up and push twice as hard. mistakes happen, thats part of being alive but dont just linger in your fault. realize what you have learned and keep that as a help to others.
im not writing this to inspire others or tell anyone else what they should and could be doing. i am first and foremost writing it to benefit me. though if someone else gets a kick out of it on the way than that will put a smile on my face..