Monday, February 1, 2010

words for my thoughts

so i know a girl , shes 15 years old. and because she wouldnt do "sexual" things with her ex-boyfriend he broke up with her. i tell her shes too young for a boyfriend. enjoy your young life while you can. doont put yourself in all this boy drama.. he (her ex-boyfriend) had a new girlfriend and she has become pregnant. i tell this girl that i know "see that could have been you"
she says that the pregnant girl and her friends are making fun of her.. calling her a lesbian.which she dresses in hollister shirts and skinny jeans. she is a little plain but if you dont have someone in your house showing you how to be girlie well you do what you know. so i tell this girl i know lets go to the mall. so arcelia and i take this 15 year old to the mall we make her try on mounds of clothes and find something that makes her look very very femmie.. on tuesday we are cutting her hair and showing her how to do her make up. lets see what these girls have to say when we are done with her. she will look simply gorgeous. though she is already.
when i was 15 i never even thought about that kind of stuff.. and i had boyfriends..what is this world comming too.. i look around and see all of these little girls pregnant and it makes me angry... noone is really telling them about what could happen... all i hear about is "use protection" come on.. where are the parents. and boys just because you cant get pregnant doesnt mean you can do whatever you like.