Saturday, February 6, 2010

you remind me of the babe

"i wish, i wish, i can bear no longer goblin king goblin king where ever you maybe take this child of mine far away from me. "

i wish the goblin king was in love with me.. sigh* guess im not so lucky

its hopeless asking you anything

-- not if you ask the right questions

*everything*! everything that you've wanted i have done. You ask that the child be taken. I took him. You coward before me, I was frightening. I have reordered time. I have turned the world upside down, and I have done it all for *you*! I am exhausted from living up to your expectations of me. Isn't that generous?

I'd say goblin king take my little brother...haha.. he'd give danny back right away so i wouldnt be so not to mention i would love to look as lovely as Jennifer connely, especially when she was at the masquerade. i love to be at a place so mysterious. but hmmm WHO WANTS TO HAVE A MOVIE DAY. just chillax and watch awesome movies like the labyrinth, dark crystal, cry baby... and any other awesome 80's movie there is!!! sound like a plan?? O and we can throw in a few more johnny depp movies.. :)