Tuesday, March 16, 2010

you say

For some odd reason people have it in their heads that being a Christian means that you should accept people and things the way they are. In reality, to do that is to completely throw conviction to the wind. Just because we are to love one another doesnt mean we have to love the actions. Yes we believe in forgiveness and yes we are supposed to help our neighbor but when our neighbor refusses to help themselves than you just need to let go. Yes we are to abide by laws, but when the laws go against God than of course you should NOT comply. for instance i do believe in the death penalty when it is needed, its a life for a life. God sent people to walk around whole cities (i.e.- Jericho) and destroyed them because they were full of evil. He didnt even spare the animals. Do i believe that you can choose to take an innocent life (abortion)? No of course not. Just because the baby was concieved out of inconvenient and/or undesirable circumstances doesnt mean you have the right to choose whether he or she lives or dies. And when it comes to same sex marriage. No i don't believe it should be legal and i dont believe that homosexuality is right. there are various scriptures in the Bible that confirm this. As a Christian we are not to just accept these things because of the "changing times". i will not conform just because someone else says its the right thing to do and/or its just popular. i never cared for popularity when i was younger and i absolutely do not now. I think its so funny when non-christians sit and quote the Bible to me out of context and only fit it where its convenient and then totally disregard anything else that was written, or when they tell me what and how a Christian should be or act. Obviously we are not perfect. We, just like you make mistakes, we hurt people, and choose the wrong paths, but getting back on track is whats important.

Dont put my God in your box and say this is how He is.