Wednesday, May 12, 2010

foolish little girl; by tanya amidei

this was not written by me... but by my long lost friend in New York.. she is an amazing writer and poet. she amazes me a little everyday..

He touched me without touching me at first
Dude spoke so smooth I thought for sure there was no room for deception
So after time I gave into my misperception
Eyes so blind nothing seemed like something to me; Eve eating from the forbidden tree
He could be one, two, and three
and I could be his Queen; false reality
He could never love me, yet he loved what I'd bring
His heart not available, but his body free
He loves her, not me
I hear him secretly call out her name while he uses me emotionally and physically
No wait,even better that was his heart beating her name
And yet I was the one in their sheets screaming his name
such a shame
he picked me up like a clean white towel
and used me until I started to smell like his bowels
Soul shaking
Mind racing
Body paining
yet I still craved his "love"
so I prayed, God, tell me one day he will wake up
Tell me he will love me
Foolish little girl trapped in fantasy
He loves her
He just needed something or someone to bruise while she took him through
And I just happened to believe in him all to soon

by: Tanya Amidei