Friday, June 25, 2010


soooo i leave for Honduras tomorrow.. we finally get to go.. i remember i was bummed when it was canceled last year but now i can understand why.. i think we have all for the most part grown as christians. we are all going with the right motive.. well most of us anyways.. there will always be the ones who dont see it until after they get there.. but its ok as long as they catch on eventually..
so its 6:33 friday night and i havent even finished packing.. im such a procrastinator.. oh well :) i have to make a list so i wont forget anything.. but im even bad at doing that.. i dont function well on lists.. im to right brained for all that.
but im sooo uber stoked... well i'll be gone for 10 days.. prayers would be appreciated for our missions crew.. with love.. ME..