Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ashram - Fragile , note by Tanya A.

my dear friend miss Tanya wrote this.. she always seems to write in away that touches my soul.. she is truely blessed with a gift.

Before you take the time to read this Psalm that I've written I'd like to ask you to go to this link and play the music in the background as you read this Psalm out loud. I pray that as you read this that your hearts be touched by the Holy Spirit of God. Hope, Faith, and Love ... these are the things I wish for you and yours

Like a burning lily consumed with flames I was pulverized by my iniquity

Suffocating from my decision making

Burning, burning without a ray of hope

Dying, dying without a helping hand

Starving, with the reflection of my demoralized self eating away at the tissue of my organs

My inner thighs were screaming, screaming from the abuse I insisted they endure

Aching, my most precious treasure, left aching from the torment I suffered it

Eyes filled with tears, heart cold and almost completely hardened

I was left for dead, dead at the hands of myself

Who can rescue me from the pit of Hell, I cried

Who can heal my self-inflected broken heart?

Who can restore the purity of my soul?

Who, I cried aloud with great despair

It was then that you, Great pursuer of my heart, reached down to comfort me

You cleansed me of my immorality

You poured out the oil of your mercy upon my brokenness and extended the gift of the life to me

Who is greater than you Lover of the weak and broken?

For I have tasted the lies of Hades,

I have swam in the seas of self-destructiveness,

I have eaten at the table of my own idols,

and yet I have not found one greater than you, O Lord

You are the honey that soothes the sores of the soul,

You are the lemon that refreshes the spirt of man,

You are the river of Love that covers a multitude of sin,

You are the Father of the fatherless,

You are breast milk that feeds your children,

You are the GREAT I AM, and there is none more worthy of my worship and praise than you.

Forever I shall I lift up my heart toward the heavens with appreciation toward you my King.