Sunday, August 8, 2010


so this day i have been blogging in the sioux city journal. its so funny how the subject of the Human Rights Commission can be turned into an argument for equal rights for gays. when NOONE is denying their right to anything. wow can we act anymore childish? is it possible for people who are affiliated with certain groups or churches to inssure equal rights to those whom live a different lifestyle..? of course. you can insure rights to anyone. it shouldnt matter what race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, ect.. you can still make sure that they are in fact being treated fairly. people make me mad when they say you cant because of you religious beliefs.. as long as you are lawfully doing your job then there should be no concern, no problem. but to put a persons character under question, thats playing with fire.. and generally when you play with fire you will get BURNED..