Thursday, August 19, 2010

jumbo mumbo

as of lately i havent felt motivated to do much of anything..
i need to find a hobby.. blah.. and im seriously considering art school..
though what can i really do with it.. though i know there are alot of things i am working up to right now.. and i am excited for it.. though its not coming fast enough.. i always say patience is a virtue.. but... its just taking soooooo long!!
also sometimes people just cant take the nice hint that im not interested.. if im not answering you its because i dont want to talk to you. stop trying.. i know that some girls like to be chased but im not one of them.. just do your thing and i will do mine.. sorry pretty soon im gonna have to get mean about it.. and that wont be pretty and then you seriously wont like me.. but o well you gotta learn somehow..

i have been really distant from everyone.. and i like it.. i get tired of people.. i mean i like it and i dont.. i feel like i lost a spark that i used to have but i know more now than i used too..