Thursday, September 2, 2010

Disney on my menu

"We spend our whole lives chasing after things. I'd only be happy if... but I think alot of the times we forget what we're leaving behind our past, our homes, what makes us unique."

Today as i was watching the Disney channel (yes its true in 23 and I STILL watch Disney) there was a movie that was on called "Stuck In the Suburbs" this quote was mentioned by one of the characters. I have watched this movie before but it was only today that I actually payed attention. I am BIG on words, I have quote and poetry books that i have written of both mine and others writings. I am a true believer that words make a big difference in everyones' life. How many times have we said "IF ONLY I had this.. IF ONLY i were here." we live by our IF ONLY'S but never really do anything to accomplish them. We just assume that those are the things that would make us happy. Honestly if we had those things we only have other "IF ONLY'S". We as humans tend to never be satisfied. Which is a great thing IF (and i capitolize the IF because its a big one) we do strive for better. But if your not satisfied but still stay the same we get no where, we do nothing (unless you count complaining as something).

So this is my challenge for myself and others. GO and make your IF's reality. Dont just sit back and wish you had what others had or could do what others do.. Go get it, go accomplish what seems to be the impossible!
Sincerely [ME]