Sunday, September 5, 2010

this is my second year attending lifelight and of course i [LOVED] it. i only went friday and saturday but each and every band was amazing. i generally stay at the "souled out" stage because its more of my perferred type of music. anyways i try to walk through the merch tents and see all the great stuff and find out about the things that are going on. there were a few booths that were pretty interesting. the first was a booth labeled as "Christ for the City International". a gentelman asked if i wanted to sign a bored or write i little note to a young girl that was living on the street. they generally tend to be prostitutes. so of course i had to do it. i decided to write a note. i think its more personable and i think that everyone needs to know that they matter, they are not forgotten. it only took me a few minutes. just think if everyone would just pass a message of love on, how much that can and will impact a life.
another booth was "clothe your neighbor as yourself". this is definately another movement that i would encourge people to join in on. it was founded by a man named james barnett. he grew up in a christian home, lived what most christians would call a normal life. but he decided to take a trip to nicaragua to help those in need, it was life changing for him. he sold all that he owned and quit his job and now lives in his van traveling and helping those in need. he said "im not asking you to take the same step i did, you dont need to be homeless to make a difference." with every shirt you buy from this movement you help to clothe the homeless.. so i ask that you take a look into it and perhaps you would be interested in getting involved. here is a link to the clothing.
also if you enjoy great works of art there is a man named eric samuel timm. he is incredible and can paint in minutes a masterpiece. i encourage everyone to check him out. each of his pieces come with a story and a purpose.

and of course there is TWLOHA.. which i have written about a couple times (im a HUGE supporter). they help people who struggle with things such as cutting and self mutilation, addictions ect. please get involved. you never know who you could be impacting by simply wear a shirt and writing love on your arms. it lets the hurting know they are not alone..