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wordless: from honduras

my twin.. PAMELA

i counted to 3 and matthew decided to grace him with a kiss.. it really was a surprise.. :)

this was at a flea market.. im not sure what they call them in Honduras.. in Mexico my family calls them tianges or pulga

again at La Ensenada.. Hannah, Hadassah, and i

i find this to be a very embarrassing picture.. but a must.. it is my brother and at La Ensenada which is the beach we went to.. i can say this is the first time i was in a swim suit since like 2001..

Red Rover.. was one game we passed the time with.. and I played soccer with the guys from time to time.. yes im proud to say i can be on the guys level.. haha

this little boy got ran over. while we were in the room the doctor came in and told us to distract him. he undid his bandages that were on his leg and all you could see was raw flesh. i felt so bad the little boy started crying while the doctor rebandaged it. he was quite the trooper though

this was the little boy i had the pleasure of spending time with. It was just my luck he didnt speak English or Spanish, he spoke a language called Miskito. so i couldnt talk to him but i played with him. he couldnt move from the waiste down but he sure knew how to smile.=)


so the guys played practical jokes on eachother while they were sleeping.. and one was this.. poor brian.. though it scares me to say i think he enjoyed it.. haha.. j/k

One saturday we were watching the world cup with all the Hondurans... i can say it was one of the best games ever.. it was Spain and Uruguay. you know i was rooting for ESPANA baby!! and we won.. it was intense but i was glad to see i wasnt the only die hard fan!! woot..

when we first arrive at Casita Mujeres. you can see much detail but this isnt even the icing on the cake. conditions were more than bad..

some boys at one of the orphanages we went to. they were paying attention to what was being said. i can say i got them to come out and dance with us, which let me tell you was no easy task. ;)

this is my long lost sister Pamela.. everyone says we look alike.. how i love her dearly.. and get this shes not even Honduran she Mexican like me.. who knows maybe we are related.. haha

this was at a school we went to that was about an hour and a half away from San Pedro Sula.. the guys were showing off their killer dance moves..

miss beautiful Hannah.. i can say i envy her wonderful heart.. she really knows how to make everyone feel comfortable and is able to get people to love her easily..

this was at an orphanage that was owned by a German man i believe.. he has done alot for those kids and is teaching them skills they would have never had the chance of learning.

this was our whole missions group.. it was us (IOWA), Tennesee and, Kentucky.

while we were waiting to board our next plane to Honduras

one day we came to have lunch and all of us were just so tired we picked a spot on the floor.. big thanks to Hannah for letting me lay on her tummy.. :)

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