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words from the wise

these are words that have been spoken by some of the most wonderful and wisest men i know and dont know..

"A lack of humilty will virtually hinder you from recieving whatever God has for you"
-Pastor Cary Gordon
Four lies that are commonly taught about humility
1)if you say your humble than you are not
2) if you don't humble yourself God will do it for you.
3)when you humble you recognize all your faults and failures, thats what makes you humble
4) a humble man has no back bone, he is a doormat.
- Pastor Cary Gordon
*just as a side note God does not humble anyone

"Political moderatism is intellectual sloppines"
-Pastor Cary Gordon
"The divine laws of God are on paper. To be in the family of God you have to take it off the page and write it on your heart."
-Pastor Cary Gordon
"There are no words in the English language that has done more damage than "seperation of church and state."
- Judge Ray Moore when talking about how far America has strayed from the real meaning of seperation of church and state. He also made the statement "seperation of church and stat does not mean seperation of God and government.'

"You compromise life on one end (abortion) don't tell me you wont compromise life at the other end (euthanasia)."
-Representative Danny Carroll

"It is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of God."
- George Washington
"If we ever forget ONE NATION UNDER GOD we will be a nation down under."
-Ronald Reagan

"No plan of God has ever needed to be fixed."
- Pastor Larry Gordon
"The biggest problem in the body of Christ is NOT pride it is those who do not think highly enough about themselves. This is reverse humility."
-Pastor Cary Gordon
"There comes a point where we stop talking about how bad we are and we start talking about the good things God has done."
-Pastor Cary Gordon
"Christianity isn't sitting in a pew once a week, but it involves sitting in one (pew) once a week."
- Pastor Larry Gordon
"Don't judge what God wants by what you have experienced."
-Pastor Larry Gordon

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