Sunday, September 5, 2010

[you] the dying girl

i write this to the dying girl.
the one in the back that noone ever knew.
she dreams of slitting her wrists and relieving the pain
because in her heart she believes theres nothing left to gain.
the "truth" of life has weighed upon her.
she suffocates through this sickness, she knows death is sure,
its enticing end is what lures the broken.
her words fall on empty ears as each are spoken.
forgoten and rejected
every part of her was affected.
they beat and bruised her for their own pleasure
the damage, no man could ever measure.
i weep for you
if you let go then you lose.
men are corrupt.
they are misguided and stuck.
my plea to you is that you find something to live for
i can tell you there is so much more.
reach out and do what they say you cant
be who they say you wont.. defy all the odds and stand.