Monday, January 17, 2011

i want you to want me.

I want to be that quote that you never forget.

The reason you check your phone a million times, just to see if I called.

Can I be the reason for your smile

Or why you can't seem to figure out what to wear.

I want every love song to remind you of me.

I want the distance between us to make you anticipate us being reunited.

The sleepless nights.. I want those to be because of me too.

I want to roam your dreams and live in your memory.

Perhaps you can long for my voice with every passing minute.

When you hear or read a story about lovers and their fight to be together..

Just know thats about us.

If that movie comes on, may it remind you of me.

I want THAT restaurant to make you smile.. not because it's so good, but because you see me there, even when I'm not.

I want you to smile at the most awkward moments because you remember something we did together.

I want all of that for you because I get all of those things.

And if you get them, well maybe that means you love me as much as i love you