Friday, January 7, 2011


i was innocent once.
that was a long time ago
or so it seems.
that was before the long nights
the echoing screams and the breaking glass.
that was before curiousity got the best of me.
before my mouth spilled lies and my heart held anger.
before i closed my heart and built up 24 layers of
what seems to be unpenetrable walls.
that was when watching cartoons in the morning was more
important than the extra sleep i don't need.
long before the fear of movies, dark and people came about.
a time when i could talk to anyone.
before everything people said wasn't always
a sexual comment or a hurtful word.
where kids didnt practice sex at the age of 10
and playing in the mud wasn't as bad as a "contagious disease".
internet didnt rule the world and friends were real friends.
when i got open spankings for acting out in public and noone
threatened to call social services.
that was when inncence was possible