Friday, January 28, 2011

my daddy

my sister, my dad, me.
Remember I said I would make a post about one family member a week.. well now that it's Saturday I think I am cutting it a lil close.. So my first one will be about my daddy.

We didn't meet until I was 10. You see he isn't my biological father but he is my father. He has been there through thick and thin and he loves me with all his heart, as do I him. We have had our ups and downs. But he chose to stick around. He and my mother got married in 1997. I respect him completely, he made the decision to take on a family of three kids. He has never gave us reason to doubt his love. How many men would take on that type of responsiblity. I know for a fact it was a God thing. I am completely blessed. I love him and I know he knows that.. Yes, I am a daddy's girl.. and proud of it. :)