Sunday, January 9, 2011

to the minority of men..

your the exception
For all those men who have been lied to, cheated on, taken advantage of, stepped on.. and so on.. I would like to personally apologize to you. Yes I know why the heck am I apologizing if I wasn't the cause of your pain.. well someone has to and I know I have made mistakes and hurt people [guys] and I know how it feels. If I could take your pain, memories and any other horrible experience that came with us crappy females I would. Of course no one would believe me when I say that because it will never be possible and most will think that "I'm just saying that".. but I sincerely mean it. Though through those experiences I hope you have learned to guard your heart and became a better judge of character.

There is this belief that all the "good"ones are taken or there is no such thing as a man worth your time. Of course there are plenty men who prove that to us EVERYDAY... but I think that is where ladies miss the good ones. We are so focused on the stigma that losers put on the male gender that we forget to open up to the rest of the picture. There are still gentelmen out there. chivalry still exists (and guys if you fall short in this area make sure you learn it, chivalry will go a long way).

To the men who treat their women with respect, honor and love.. thank you.. there needs to be more of you out there. To the men who have children or who have taken others children in as your own, I know it's not easy, but you do it without a second thought.. you are incredible. I admire you for being a father. For those of you who appreciate a good woman when you have one, who are not afraid to compliment her or do the little things that make her smile.. you don't know what that really means to us as females but let me tell you this.. just knowing that you like to see us smile and happy makes us realize you are a keeper. you are not like the majority that we see everyday. You don't go un-noticed. So to all of the great men out there.. dont worry not all of us ladies are the same.. some of us grow out of the selfish stage and learn how to love.