Wednesday, February 9, 2011


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2d Anglico Motor T in Afghan

I am a marine girlfriend, soon to be wife.. and let me tell you it's not easy. Right now he is deployed in Afghanistan, he has been there since Noverember.. he left the 19th and won't return as of right now the middle of June. But the one thing i have learned is there are no definates with the military.. Word changes day to day. He is going to be gone for 7 months. I know it could be longer and I am lucky it's only that amount of time because there are men and women who are gone for a year and some.. My only problem is we pretty much know that by March next year he will be leaving again on yet another deployment. It's stressful, always wondering whats going on, where he is, is he safe? When I don't hear from him for weeks my heart pounds and i hurt. Of course I would never tell him that because he has other things to worry about. He does call me when he can and we email back and forth.. He is Motor T which basically means he drives the big trucks on missions and works on the ones that have been caught in fire.. He doesn't and can't tell me much but what he has told me scares me to death. I know it's for the better that i don't know many details.. Imagine my anxiety if i did. I can't even begin to think how it will be when we have kids. At least I will be occupied. I miss him terribly but I know that I am not alone and I am not the only one who faces this. Don't get me wrong i am extremely proud of him and the people who are in all branches of the military. They make sure you and i and others in other countries can live safely. I know it is for the greater good and I know that i cannot be selfish. I am and will continue to do my best to keep his motivation up.. I do send him boxes and let me tell you when the guys receive packages it's like Christmas, they love it. So if you know anyone who is serving please take some time to write them a letter or a package with non parishable food.. you know JUNK food they love it and things that can help them pass the time like games and word searches.. Each and everyday i miss my marine more and more but i also know that each and every day we get closer to the day he comes off that bus dirty and smelly and just perfect!! Semper Fi [oorah]