Monday, March 14, 2011

half alive

I was whole today, but only for a moment.
I remembered what it felt like to be human, to embrace life.
To have love thats not just me giving and them taking.
In that moment my heart pumped the blood through long lost territories and vast emptiness.
My smile was real, not just a mirror image of the memory of what once was.
The sun shown brighter and i knew it was just for me.
Rays of light kissed my face and warmed my insides.
I was empowered at the thought of taking on life.
But it was then life laughed at me, shaking my vulnerability in my face.
The sun was just a mirage caused by my souls dehydration.
My heart struggles to push life back through these veins.
My smile melted and my face became as fake as those around me.
Now i am back to living half alive.
Back to memories of a time before you broke me.
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