Friday, March 11, 2011

the missing me

breath departs from my lungs

as he sits heavy on my chest.

screams escape my vocals

at his rough hands.

each and every touch

disgusts me more and more.

slowly he runs down my chest on to my stomach...

he reaches the southern regions.. you know the places where noone is suppose to go.

i shiver and shake. how can i face this. how can i face him?

i feel as my insides are being ripped to shreds. the pain shoots up my body.

who am i? where did this come from? what did i do....

he hungerly wanders the hollow shell thats left of me and i forcibly close every reaction in my bag of bones.

i know he is almost done, his body reacts in pleasure as mine only dies.

with every ounce of energy left within me i hold myself together.. i cover as much as i can.

i have been branded for life, this is one dirt that can never wash off, one memory i can never consign to oblivian. He is no more and i am noone.. all that i was has been kidnapped and raped.. i am no longer an innocent.

empty inside thats what happens in abuse..