Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Jersey- it keeps gettin better

After a long moment of being away, I am BACK. I am absolutely positive everyone missed me. :)

I took a vacation with BooBoo. We went back to her home town; Long Branch, New Jersey. Let me tell you I have never had so much fun. I never wanted to come home. Of course I know living there would probably be such a different story, but it seemed to have everything and was so close to big cities.. and a B-E-A-C-H. Plus I love her family. Being around them made me feel a lil more complete i suppose. I met some pretty amazing people, seen some amazing things, and had an incredible time. This girl couldn't have asked for anything else.

Here is a lil' humorous story that I will share with you. On the morning before my birthday BooBoo's baby decides to come in the room a lil early to give us what you could say a wake-up call. Her hands are covered in what I thought to be plant dirt because she had been notorious for digging in the plants on earlier occasions.. So non-chalantly that's what I claim it to be. But the closer I look the more I realize it doesn't smell so right.. URGH!! yes you guessed it, she had decided to go diaper exploring and came to let us know she didn't quite like what she found.. So we through her in the bath to bathe her. Throughout the rest of the day it was pretty normal. In the evening BooBoo and her momma went to go buy a cake for miss Janelle (so I thought) and they returned singing "Happy Birthday" to her and I, since her birthday was the 6th and mine the 8th. It was awesome, it really made me feel like family and I will forever appreciate that gesture. They gave us gifts.. mine was gold earrings. Which I am in love with.. I needed some. Anyways we are sitting down enjoying ice cream cake when the stinking dog decided to go potty. The dog (Paris) is still a puppy and doesn't understand that you have to wait until you are completely done going to the restroom before you decide to run around. Needless to say it was another nasty disaster. Here is the kicker BooBoo's brother commented on the day saying "It's been a pretty shitty day. Excuse the french but it's not funny unless it's said. So there you have it.. birthday surprise. :)

I am in all honestly ready to head back there. No joke. But I know I will visit again.. New Jersey you will forever be in my heart.. ( yes I am a cheese ball )