Saturday, April 23, 2011


I feel like I keep making a pattern of being away and coming back.. Goodness I'm usually more put together than this. As most of you know I live on the East coast in North Carolina. On the 16th of this month (last Saturday) there were recorded to be 62 tornadoes between here and South Carolina. The last time there were a large amount of tornadoes was in 1985 with a count of 40 something. Just so you understand how rare they are here, there are no tornado sirens because they feel there isn't a need. The only reason we knew one hit here in Jacksonville was because a friend of mine called us and told us that it hit where she lived, which is less than a couple minutes away. That day the power was turned off early and we went most of the night without it. It was pitch black here. We are talking you walk outside and you couldn't see the houses across the street. The aftermath was something I have never seen before and I come from the Midwest down in tornado valley. Here are some pictures of the destruction.