Tuesday, July 17, 2012


On my way to work today I was in my own world thinking of things.. somehow I was on the subject of L.O.V.E ... Yes to some the very thought of the word burns them to others it seems to slip off the tongue way to easily.
I am so very thankful I have learned love in many aspects. I know the difference of love, like and lust. I know there are many ways to love. Some I love on deeper levels. To love ones family seems almost unconditional and automatic, at least for me. To love a person who has or will become your spouse seems almost incredible to me. You meet someone, you date and get to know each other. Your bond grows and becomes family like until one day they become your other half, the "you jump I jump" person.. of course that's not how it always is, many ppl get married for all the wrong reasons but that's for another time.
Then you have your friends. Not just any friends, the ones who are as thick as blood. The ones who you would do what you can to always help them, talk to even when you no longer are able to see them as often as you would like. That is a special kind of love. Not just for anyone and everyone. But I like to believe its a life bond as well..
I know there is a love between a parent and child but as of right now I cannot honestly say I know the feeling.
Then there's lust which often creeps up and blindes us of all things important. Speaking from my own perspective I know when I was younger I let it mess up my priorities and help me pick all the wrong decisions. But with that experience I learned young, about people. It helped me learn discernment and the kinds of people I want in my life. Not everyone has that chance. So I am thankful for the experiences I was given, I honestly believe it has saved me from a lot of heartache and disappointment.
I know this is just a bunch of gibberish but my mind is my own and sometimes it travels .. <3
Just remember if you love, love hard and with everything. But guard your heart at the same time. People tend to like to take advantage and have no care when they crush others.