Saturday, September 1, 2012

think like a man.

Think Like a Man, where do I even begin. It was overall a good movie as far as movies go. It was unrealistic in my view, but what movie isn't. Yes it was all about coming into a relationship steps ahead of a man. All these men who are willing to wine and dine just for the purpose of war. Maybe I just don't know much but as far as I know most men wouldn't bother spending the money on a woman he just set out to prove wrong. There were a few times when I got made at the characters in the movie. Like the woman who was all about money and didn't realize the amazing person who was right in front of her. She was with him and thought she saw something "better" more successful. Threw a good person away just to appease her appetite for riches. It literally makes me sick to know there are truly people who can be so heartless. You really shouldn't play with people in such a way.

I mean sure I would love someone to put me up there and give me unexpected things. Not saying I'm not thankful for the things I already have. I would never ask to be spoiled, but I guess being a lady and a pisces I'm a romantic at heart. I love creativity. leave me a note, pick me a flower, send me a text, take a walk with me, just talk with me, drink some coffee or sit out on a porch in a rainy day just to be close to me... I am an easily pleased person and I don't expect someone to pay a crazy amount of money for anything. I love the simple things, though i would truly appreciate the big things just as much. My mind is honestly working way too much tonight. I guess I'm just saying I can't really relate because I don't know what that feels like// whomp whomp.. I think that is why I get so angry at the women who are spoiled in a sense. Stop taking the people you have forgranted. Because someday someone else will come along and appreciate them and you will be left with absolutely nothing but an open mouth. wondering what happened.
Maybe I just haven't lived enough, but one day I will break out of my habits and comforts and learn to fly again. Even if it is on my own. I hope one day I am in for somewhat of a surprise. I will keep my true desires to myself just for safe keeping.

on another note "tonight" by john legend played like 4 times in that movie. Imagine someone honestly being able to say "you're the best i ever had."(no i dont just mean in a sexual senseand yes the song is talking about one night but imagine if it were longer) I can't even think of being that amazing to someone.