Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Tonight I finally watched the famous documentary "BULLY". It was fantastic in all the wrong ways. It made me so emotional. A lot of it was filmed here where my parents live in Sioux City IA. My goodness did it make me cry. It makes me want to be back in schools just to protect the kids who get bullied. I was so angry at the principle from East Middle. I dont know how she can even be in charge of a school. And for school officials to look passed the reality of what's happening in todays schools sickens me. Kids are not just being kids, there are somethings that adults need to intervene in and to use the excuse boys will be boys makes me want to punch them in the face. Kids should feel safe at school not terrified. I can't even been to express how angry I am. How can children be so cruel. Makes me want to homeschool. Not that I trust the public school system anyways, the way people are these days. That's another subject all together (just to make it clear I had both private and public school experiences so I know both worlds). The child from here, his name is Alex; asked his mother "if they are not my friends (the ppl who were bullying him) than who is?" Just that simple question broke my heart. To see someone so desperate for a friend that they are overlooking the harshness of others just to say they are friends. I truly believe that if one person will reach out to these kids, one child their age, we could prevent many suicides. People tend to forget that words hurt so much more than physical abuse. How can we overlook something so serious just because there are not marks or anything physical going on. I don't know about you but throughout my life the things that have stuck with me were not the bruises and the scrapes but the words that were said to hurt me. I really wish people would wake up and spend more time with their kids. Teach them how to treat people. Schools need to address the problem and stop ignoring it. Not by taking things away but by punishing those who think its ok to bully. They will learn it's not tolerated and maybe just maybe there will be a change.
I found an amazing website called MAKE BEATS NOT BEAT DOWNS.
I urge people to support them. Buy their shirts and let people know where you stand.