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omaha mini vaca

So Yesterday or I should say Tuesday since it's already 12:45 am on Thursday, My family and I went to the zoo in Omaha (an hour and a half away). It was so much fun. The weather wasn't exactly cooperating but we made the best of it. It was soooooooo cold and rainy. Pretty obnoxious. But I finally got to see my animals. My mom, sister and I stayed the night so we could go shopping the next day. Boy did I shop. I didn't get that much but my feet felt like I had just walked a million miles and back. We indulged in Cheesecake Factory (one of my favorite places because of their tropical tea and Kahlua coffee cheesecake) and had dinner at the fanciest restaurant I've ever been to called Mohogany Steakhouse . Seriously, I was like "mom they have towels in the bathroom INSTEAD of paper towels, we are so high class". That's just me being silly. Best steak I have ever eaten. Would recommend it to anyone if they are ever in the Omaha area. Just be sure to dress up in something fancy or else you will feel some what out of place. I also must at crème Brule cheesecake was UHMAZING! I'm such a fatty :p
I splurged on some makeup from Sephora, anyone who knows me know I love make up .. especially my lipsticks and eyeliner. They way home was crazy. There was wind, snow, ice and crazy semi drivers. But we made it safe and sound. Now it's time to get back to day to day reality. Love the memories!
Tomorrow I am starting the No Shampoo (poo) alternative. I stumble upon this and I have heard a lot of great things about it. How wonderful your hair becomes after a few weeks of use. or in this case no use. Don't worry I will be cleaning my hair I will just be doing it in a more natural way. I want to start going back to the basics. The less chemicals the better. So I will be using Baking soda, water, and apple cider vinegar.. plus a little natural coconut oil for when its drying to give it a lovely smell. It seems these days we put more chemicals in our bodies than we are aware of. I want to start off little and grow from there. If it's harmful for the inside of your body than its just as harmful for the outside. Your skin absorbs more than you know.
- Anastasia
 My haul the container on the very right is a facial peeling that's amazing from vivo. then we have Sephora foundation (medium peach 26, for the days my skin looks a lil questionable) Sephora compact powder(medium 25), Sephora Nano yeux eyes(20 eild spirit, or purple; if you have brown eyes a lil purple does wonders) Sephora rouge shine (dark pink is fairy tale glossy N20, Light pink is love spell glossy N14)... then I have my natural coconut oil from whole foods and two bottles for my no poo hair ;]
 my crème Brule cheesecake
 on the way home in crazy weather
 my bright eyes and my bug
this gorilla has been there forever, he is always sitting in a corner looking soooo sad and picking his nose.. lol He always makes me want to give him a hug

 the most conceited parrot .. he's looking at himself in the mirror
 my brothers trying to be Atlas and hold the world.
 this lil buger kept hitting the glass where I was. I think he liked me
 my bright eyes. she fell asleep while we were there

Our room this morning! we are crazy when we get ready.
good thing about going to the zoo on a crazy weather day is that no one was there!!

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