Monday, June 17, 2013

finger paints!

I love doing things with kids. I especially love being apart of creativity. There is something about the arts that I think opens up the mind. It's ok to get a little dirty.. I think parents need to let their kids express themselves in different ways. In the process there maybe a mess but the experience is incredible. Lets face it the mess really can't be that bad. So have fun and enjoy the little ones.
This was Malachi's first time with paint. He hates being dirty and freaks out with there is anything on his hands. But I think I helped him break out of that even if it was just for a day ;)

 war paint and his battle cry

 He is always yelling at Nieve (the dog) saying "go poppy!" his way of saying puppy
the shoes he is wearing are ones with squeakers in them.. needless to say they drive everyone and the dog nuts.
just so you all know, this was in our backyard.. we don't normally let him go out in just a onsie. but to keep the dirtying of clothes to a minimum this day was an acception