Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

Today is fathers day and I wanted to wish all of the wonderful fathers a wonderful day. It takes a lot to be a parent and each parent has a different story. Whether you became a father in high school, or it was a well planned out pregnancy or perhaps you took on responsibility for children who had no father to speak of.
My father is a prime example of the later. He took us in and has always loved us as his own. Treated us as equals to his own flesh and blood and I am grateful for that. I have spoken to many men who say they don't think they could take in someone else's children. I personally don't really understand why not but I live on the other side of that view point. But back to the subject at hand, fathers come in all different shapes and sizes. Maybe they are just father figures. Make sure you tell those men in your life that you are grateful for them, that you appreciate them. Remember there are so many who don't even have that much. Happy Fathers Day. I love my daddy completely. He is there when I need him and has brought me out of some tough times. It's always nice when I'm far away and I get that I love you message.

My dad and Malachi