Thursday, June 27, 2013

no words

In todays news, the infamous Adam Moss committed suicide on Wednesday.
I can't say that I'm deeply saddened by the news being the fact that he took lives in one of the most vicious ways possible. I remember the day that it was chaotic outside. you heard sirens and ambulances. Everyone was outside. I was told that the Saldana kids were dead. It wasn't until later that I found out how they had died.
Moss had been dating Leticia (the children's mother) so he had lived in their house. I don't know why he did what he did and frankly I don't think I want to know because no answer would suffice. I will never understand why any person can take a hammer and bludgeon a child to death .. let alone 5. On top of that slit their mothers throat and kill his boss. And still have time to write a note saying the family is on vacation so they wouldn't be found right away.
I remember the little caskets at their funeral. They had to be closed because of the damage this man did. I Believe I Can Fly on repeat. Over 300 people came to their funeral here in Sioux City and who knows how many in California where the family was laid to rest. Still to this day I hear about them. I still here Zack calling me grandma just to be funny. I miss my little friends. The life that was taken away from them. I know they will never be forgotten. Not as long as I breathe. I say this is part of the closing. Though I wish pain on no one so I hope that Moss' family stay strong.