Wednesday, July 17, 2013

oh the happenings

Please forgive my absence. But I have something that may make you smile. My little brother is such a character. He has finally learned to say Sissy Ana... which I don't care for the name Ana but he is excused because he can't say Anastasia yet.. lets face it.. It beats Thatcha by a million.. My sisters name is Michaela so we said to call her sissy Kyky.. he says Sissy Caca.. makes me laugh every time. glad I don't have that name. Anyways here are some photographs of things happening around here.. :) Anastasia
 He thought he was big stuff
 Bought this with my brother, its actually really good.
 so Yummy..
 her first time in the pool.. she loved it. splashed all over
 so much chubb I love it
 He was being grown.

 been jammin out
Reading in the park