Monday, September 9, 2013

peaceful freedom

I've found freedom in what's broken
little pieces of shrapnel being remolded together.
My heart is free to skip those little beats,
my lips are capable of lifting into a smile.

I have found my strength in the piled garbage
Just needed to do a little sifting.
Beauty has once again been returned to me.
Confidence runs through these veins.

No more condemning eyes
no more sly remarks.
I'm passed the empty backlashes
and gritting teeth.

It's remarkable, what a little time can bring you.
what delight you can once again find in the simple.
I remember how to breathe (inhale-exhale)
my steps are patterned by my own desire, not that of another's.

I have taken my liberty and I have decided to run
I will not be drawn back or distracted.
Wasted time is no longer an option.
I belong to me. I am mine.

On this day I declare peaceful freedom. My name is Anastasia and that means something. I will surely rise again. I was chosen for this day and age. I was chosen to live the life I have lived. I chose to make each and every decision that led up to misfortunes, disappointments, blessing, experiences. I may not have been fully in control of each step along the way but I did play a role in them. I have a purpose and I am determined to find what it is. Whether it be to make someone smile, or change the world. I will embrace what ever it maybe. I may still have broken pieces in me but I will mend. I maybe left with tarnishes and cracks but I will embrace each and every one because I know I fought to lift myself up. I had help along the way by a few of the most amazing people who I have ever encountered. I will be forever grateful. Words will never be able to fully express my gratitude. I thank you for helping me see that there was more to who i had become. XOXOXO Anastasia Marie