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Oh Me Oh My

Life, its been quite the journey. As much as I've wanted to get back at this again, I have also been avoiding it. There has just been so much that has happened from my time in North Carolina until now. This is somewhat of a recap I suppose. I left NC with a lot of unwanted baggage. I say this in the most metaphorical way possible.
As most of you all know. I was married to a marine and we lived out in Camp Lejeune. It was a pretty awesome stay as far as the friends and opportunities I had.  Unfortunately it was short lived due to my ex-husband not being a very nice person and to some of the PTSD he suffered from that went untreated. Basically the relationship was toxic and abusive. So much so that I lost a lot of who I was in always being on the defensive and sticking up for myself. I'm not saying that is was all his fault. Just as in any relationship, both parties are responsible for nurturing or poisoning. So here I am almost 5 years later living my life and loving it.
               I moved on and have two beautiful boys, E (he will be 5 months on the 5th) and N (he turned 3 in September). They are the reason I live and breathe today. I have a wonderful man who treats me with respect, honor and dignity. Not to mention he would never physically harm me. I have what a lot of people dream of. A simple life learning about new things and people. I truly don't know where I would be if I hadn't moved on with my life. Thank God for second chances and sending beautiful people my way. Blessing me with boys and loving me throughout all my faults and disastrous choices. Now I am just learning to be a mommy and a wife.
              I'm choosing to go a completely different direction with my blog. I am no longer that person who is stuck in sorrow. I am free and happy and want to discover all the great things that come with being a mommy and wife. So stay tuned and be ready to hear a the little anecdotes and all the silly things we do. I hope you enjoy this and who knows maybe some post can be of some assistance to someone. I'm sure I will be asking for help and advice. This parenting thing isn't easy. I struggle everyday. Thanks for reading!

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